1750 Antique Locking New Orleans Tortoise Strongbox Chest


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This is a very rare, wonderful handmade tea strongbox. This is also known as a caddy box. This small chest was taken to the Antiques Roadshow around fifteen years ago. Although, it did not get on camera, it was given a verbal appraisal. I took it there, because I had no idea what it was really. They told me what it was circa 1750 in age and gave me an appraisal of 2,500 to 3,500 if it was restored. The value was higher if I could find out about the lock that it has. I had some keys made for the lock and had some minor repairs done that wouldn’t compromise the piece. There is a missing piece on the front of the box that I couldn’t replace because I’m not really sure what type of animal they come from. Although, the pieces that surround the box seem to be gat-tort pieces, they have bone on the underside and I was told by the appraiser that they were tort. The lock is quite old and dates the piece. It says on it “Handmade, Warranted” and then on the other side “Secure 2 Lever”. The lock works with the new keys. The inside of the box is lined with some kind of metal paint on wood, unidentified. It is probably some kind of pewter or pot metal. I would also like say here that I purchased this box from the home of one of our local movie directorsDemo123. I did not get his name and I don’t know if he ever made any worthy films, but I do seem to remember seeing a box like this used for treasure a long time ago in a movie that I saw. The box does indeed have dramatic character to it! This box measures 12 1/2″ inches x 7 1/2″inches x 7″inches. A very old and unique antique!

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